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Due to the impact of Covid-19 epidemic, the Foshan Ceramic Exhibition has not been launched until now. Let me take you to see what highlights this year.

Unlike the past, this ceramic exhibition is held in Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. There are a total of 10 exhibition halls. Numbers 1-5 are ceramic products, and numbers 6-10 are ceramic equipment.

The first thing that comes into view is still KITO, DONGPENG etc, which represents the highest level of Chinese ceramics.

Kito adopts Chinese classical style. There is a moon window in the middle of the vermilion wall. No matter how you look through it, it is a painting.

More and more big brands are also starting to produce background wall tiles.

Monalisa took us to space, colorful tiles intertwined with the stars.

The theme of this exhibition is undoubtedly sintered stone and applications, which can be used to customize cabinets, dining tables, coffee tables, etc.

The color is more and more beautiful and lifelike, and the thickness is from 3mm to 20mm, which can meet the application of different decorative spaces. I believe that in the near future, porcelain sintered stone will largely replace natural marble, because it has better advantages in hardness, color, and customization.

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