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Subway Tile

The magic in this tile begins with translucent glazed surface and elegant bevel edge, which appear to be perfection. The sharp bevel ๏ฌ€ect gives each tile a delicate character and an individual mystique. 

subway tile.jpg

Latern Tile

Some shapes are so laden with historical signifcance that they become a feast for all the senses evoking sounds, smells touch
& taste. Such is the case with our modern impression of the Moroccan lantern-inspired collection.

Arabesque -3.jpg

Bathroom Tile

With simplely imitating jazz white marble design, making bathroom space pure and comfortable.

wall tile.jpg

Gala Tile

Contemplate the joys of virtually unlimited design possibilities, the Gala collection will inspire you with 5 colors plus 2 decos.

Gala -1.jpg
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