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Tile paving robot, the speed is 2 times that of manual

Recently, the Bozhilin Robot Company, a subsidiary of Country Garden, released 9 models of 43 construction robots at one time, including floor cleaning robots, indoor spraying robots, floor tile paving robots and wall tile paving robots, which are currently in use.

Real shots of leveling robot on-site construction

The currently released data show that the construction efficiency of floor tile paving robots and wall tile paving robots is twice that of labor, the construction quality is better than labor, and the construction cost is lower than labor.

More importantly, it can work uninterrupted 24 hours a day.

The accuracy is far superior to manual operation, and working in a high-risk, high-polluting environment can greatly reduce human damage and protect human health and safety.

Compared with other manufacturing industries, the productivity of the construction industry is surprisingly low, especially on-site construction operations, which are still completely dependent on labor. The paving robot combined with intelligent control software makes construction more flexible and convenient, and greatly improves productivity.

In addition, the paving robot does not produce too much noise when it is working. It can automatically calculate, plan, and adjust the work program through data such as the work area and tile size that are pre-loaded from the computer.

Can artificial intelligence replace our jobs? This has always been a controversial topic, everyone needs to think, can your work be replaced by robots or software?

Today, robots can clean floors, spray paint, and affix floor tiles and wall tiles.

Tomorrow, maybe he can complete your work faster, better, and cheaper.

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