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Combination of classical luxury deco tile and modern ceramic tile

Classical luxury deco tiles are often decorated in gold and silver. The entire room looks like it is made of gold, which really shows the status and wealth of the owner.

Ceramic tiles similar to gold-plated carpets were once very popular, because they are very similar to marble parquet, enough to make your living room look atmospheric.

But now this set seems to be no longer popular, especially for young people, who are more pursuing simplicity and diversity in tile style.

We have been pursuing the combination of traditional gold-plated silver-plated ceramic tiles and modern-style furniture, which can be noble and gorgeous, but at the same time not too old.

Let's take a look at a case that is both modern and a bit luxurious. The wall of the sink is black and white with gold-plated lines, and the wall next to it is Carrara, which is perfectly matched with the golden faucet and shower shelf.

Such a beautiful style actually comes from a very simple ceramic tile, we can make it into 600x600mm, 300x600 or other sizes.

Or the white Carrara as the background, dotted with some stylized golden lines, is it very much like a luxury and dissipation life in The Great Gatsby ?

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